Americana&Roots Top 13

based on sales and airplay



MARCH  2005


TM   TITLE,ARTIST,(LABEL)             

1. RAY (Soundtrack)                          

Ray Charles (WEA)


2. MERCY NOW                                          

Mary Gauthier (Lost Highway)


3. HAYMAKER HEART                                  

Kelly Pardekooper (Trocadero)


4 .WICKED TWISTED ROAD                               

Reckless Kelly (Sugar Hill)


5.VALENTINE ROADKILL                         

Ronny Elliott (Blue Heart)


6.THE DUHKS                                 

The Duhks (Sugar Hill)


7. DELIRIUM TREMELOS                     

Ray Wylie Hubbard (Philo)


8. BAD OUT THERE                                            

Frank Carillo (Jezebel)


9. MAKE DO WITH WHAT YOU GOT              

Solomon Burke (Shout - BMG)


10.  ROUTE 23                                           

Chatham County Line (Yep Roc)


11. GRANT STREET                                 

Sonny Landreth (Sugar Hill)


12. BACK TO ME                                          

Kathleen Edwards (Zoe)


13. HOTWALKER                          

Tom Russell (Hightone)


Compiled by Paul van Gelder/Based on Airplay National Radio:"For the Record"(VARA)/"American Connection"(KRO)/Regional Radio: "Weekendmol"(Omroep Brabant)/Hubert on the air (L1)/Wim Kerkhof(Radio Rijnmond)/"Muziek, en toch luister je even"en"Giddy Up Country"(Radio227)/Local and Internet List can be heard every first Wednesday of the month between 19.00 and 20.00 at Radio Lelystad and Tuesdays from 20.00 till 22.00 at radio 227/We cooperate with USA publication Roots Top 50. Also published in Music Magazine Aloha and on www.paulvangelder.com/ The Top 13 is independent, reliable and exists since October 2000. Region: the Netherlands.Distribution or Advertising: contact: gelder@wxs.nl

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